Summer Playlist For This Sunny Weekend

Posted by August 5, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, Music, Pop Culture, Things We L@VE

Would you like to care of the music? Says your friend as soon as you jump on the passenger seat of the car and right then, a horrible amount of uncertainty flourishes. What should I play? Will they like it? It needs to be cool! You can now CHILL and relax because as always, we have got your back!

It is Friday and luckily enough we are still in August meaning that getaways and weekend adventures are still possible and a must if you are free to do so, therefore it is time for you to let go of your stressful week thoughts and organizing some nice plans with friends or family.

Because we know that while laying on your beach chair or jumping of a crazy bridge on the riverside the last thing you would like to do is think about anything, specially music which unfortunately has been converted into a social test that can put considerable pressure on anyone. For all the reasons above we thought we would create a 25 hits playlist of mixed styles that will save you from all the above and will stop those eyes from watching you type every letter while looking for a song and judge you for your choices. Playlist CHECK!

We love music in all types and styles, we just enjoy any beat and cannot help moving our skeleton to the tempo (or at least we try to). With the following playlist we tried choosing the happiest and good-mood type of songs so that everyone could be as merry as possible and dance to the rhythm. You will find a very variable list of songs that will allow you to relax and enjoy your summer weekend or vacation.

Let the good vibes take over your body with these next songs and make the most out of August, SUMMER IS NOT OVER YET! 



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