Sun On The Skin, Happiness On The Mind

Posted by May 29, 2017 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE

It’s a sunny day today. I’m currently sitting here, breathing in the air and feeling the sun on my skin while I’m writing these words. Summer has finally arrived, and with it the sun is here as well. This time I decided to shoot my look at a special location: in the middle of nowhere. I walked up to a hill and had a look at the very beautiful landscape. I came to a conclusion: Every place in the world has something beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you see the mountains of Austria or the beach in LA or even typical touristy things like the Eiffel Tower.

Sometimes I’m getting overwhelmed because my life is a current rush, I’m always moving and never standing still. I have to force myself to stop for a while, breathe in and out, focus on myself, feel the sun on my skin and just feel the feeling to be alive. Life is in constant movement, and it contains everything for you: Love, Happiness, Laughter, but also grief and suffering is part of the game. In the end all that counts is how you deal with it. Look forward and start fresh, that’s what I feel when I look at my pictures.

Feeling free is so important, and to make this feeling last even longer, you can support it by wearing the perfect outfit for it. My striped shirt has a loose cut and is a good choice for warmer temperatures. My pants are made out of a light cloth so they’re easy to wear. To complete my outfit, I went for some classic espadrilles. Do you already know the brand Tom’s? If you buy a pair, they serve a good purpose: Each pair bought in a store is a ticket to a free pair of shoes for a child in need. By shopping these shoes, you can even be proud of yourself because you’re truly doing something good for the world. Tom’s are also very light so you don’t feel that you’re wearing some shoes which I absolutely adore. They come in different colours, I personally prefer the light blue ones for my look. This week I can’t wait to wear them again because it’s gonna be super hot. They look very cute with dresses as well, but you can also stick to a basic pair of skinny jeans.

I wish you a lovely start into the new week!




By Hollerkat