Off To Vacation – Summer, Sun, Sandals & Sales!

Posted by July 7, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes

It is July…and we are OFF TO VACATION!

It is the time of vacations and getaways - unfortunately not everyone will be stopping over at the beach this summer but, pools and riversides experiences can be as much fun as the beach and in order for you to look perfect at them, we have been looking for the best shoes and sale pieces.

When planning your short getaway or summer holidays, we think you cannot leave without packing the VERY basics, like a one-piece swimming suit or a nice cosy oversized jumper for a perfect bonfire night. But by all means you should be packing several pairs of sandals and espadrilles to match all of your possible outfits. Let us help you with this one!









SANDALS are always useful since they are extremely comfortable and they can bring a shine of elegance to a very beachy look. Fortunately enough at HUMANIC you have some beautiful pieces ON SALE that are waiting for you to grab them and pack them!

Our recommendation on how to wear them…

Any type of shorts would look great with the sandals above, but this specific pair we found perfect for your summer holidays. The colours are very lively and remind us of palm trees and beach locations. How about wearing it with a loose cropped white top?

 Zara Yellow Printed Shorts







ESPADRILLES are girly, vintage and classy. You can get them in many different colours and they look extremely cool in the summer when leaving the river, pool or beach. This type of footwear has revamped in the last few years and they are a perfect option for summer occasions and plans in the nature. Humanic has very extensive collection of espadrilles, check them out!

Our recommendation on how to wear them…

We love how they look with long dresses. Like this we manage to keep that boho, vintage look that everybody loves during the summer.

Mango Embroidered Long Crude Dress


 Image via Collage Vintage