Your Summer At The Office – 9 Fashion Tips

Posted by July 25, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE

While the heatwave hits the city and most of the world is busy choosing their bikinis and beach shoes, we get to go to work, but we know we are not alone in this one and that there is more people in our situation, so we thought you would love to get some summer office looks inspirations, in order to survive the warmest days of this month of July. Although we know this article will not make you tanner (unlike your colleagues on holidays…) we sure know you will be looking extremely classy and chic after discovering our best summer office tips.


Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is probably the most known and oldest office garment, actually inspired on a pre-WWI feminine fashion item.  It was later introduced into the high-fashion industry by the French Christian Dior in the mid 50s. After this, the pencil skirt became a favourite piece for working women and it has been so until today. Nowadays the pencil skirt can be combined with numerous styles and tops, but it will always keep that French-ness that originally was given to it by Christian Dior in the 50s.

Our tip: A propaganda or graphic T-shirt if the skirt is more elegant will look rocking. In case the skirt is more casual, bring it up with a nice white classic shirt.



High Waist Trouser

Another very old and office inspired piece. High waist trousers now come in any type of material, meaning that it is possible to find them in very thin materials that would be perfect to survive a city heatwave at the office. These are a very comfy option and cannot go wrong with them.

Our tip: Wear them with some small heel sandals. This will add some chicness to it and will be a perfect look to wear all day through without any problems.


Loose Pants

These pants have a tiny bit of the 80s and we love this. We started seeing more of these in the last three years and they have now become a must have in our personal wardrobes. These trousers are loose and perfect for a (casual) Friday office look.

Our Tip: Wear these with some elegant pumps in a total different color to the main outfit piece, in this case; the loose trousers.



Classic Dress

The classic office dress does not have to be boring, it can look perfectly cool and very professional. It is all about combining it smartly and choosing the right length. The length we find more professional is a bit over the knees, this will look super classy and keep that French-ness we all love. 

Our tip: Keep it smart, combine it with some flats to make sure the dress stands out.



Knee Long Skirt

These too come from years ago when women started working back in time and we adore them. They can look very professional and be very summery so you will not suffer the heatwave at all. This skirts should become a must-have in your summer wardrobe if you have a Monday-Friday office job. 

Our tip: We cannot decide on a specific type of shoe, since we think it will look great anyway, but try styling it with some flat sandals to keep it as fresh as possible.




Jumpsuits are a perfect option for a lazy Wednesday morning. It does not matter whether they are long or short, it will look great anyway. This piece too, will be a very comfortable option, specially when sitting long hours.

Our tip: We think a jumpsuit already says a lot by itself, so try styling it with a showy necklace.



Long dress

Long dresses are not only for the beach, they can also look very professional and elegant. It is a good idea to consider how tight it is. We believe the looser the better, this will make the different from a casual dress to an office look dress.

Our tip: Since a long dress already has a lot going on due to it amount of material, style your hair to a nice wet look pony tail. Top!



Long Skirts

Why not? They can look very classy too. Definitely a must try!  These will also look very chic and they can also be styled with a cool graphic t-shirt.

Our tip: We would say these skirts are just perfect for some pretty stilettos. A very Carrie Bradshaw style!




Last but not least, it is important as a working woman to always have a basic shirt in your wardrobe. This could save you from a classic morning “I don’t know what to wear” situation.

Our tip: Don’t be scare to combine it with different garments, a shirt will always look good.



Pictures via Mujer Hoy, Le Fashion, My Showroom Blog, DressedandPerfect, Lucitisima, The Muse.