10 Summer Fashion Problems Every Woman Knows & How To Fix Them

Posted by July 19, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Survival Kit, Things We L@VE
summer fashion problems

One of the perks of a hot summer? Definitely the chance to finally get to wear all the shorts, sandals, maxi dresses and other pieces of your summer wardrobe that were caught in the closet for far too long! BUT there are some drawbacks about dressing at this time of the season that we always forget about. It’s just little things that make enjoying your hot new summer dress a bit more difficult…

Luckily, we have the solution to all this small pitfalls! Have a look below and see..

The Top 10 Summer Fashion Problems And Workable Solutions For Them

1. The marks on the back of your thighs from sitting on a garden chair with a little too short bottom (and the uncomfortable feeling of this plastic strings on your skin). 

Solution: Of course, the easiest way to avoid this nasty marks would be to wear longer bottoms. Instead, you can also make use of your new, favorite beach scarf/towel. Just fold it and put it on under your bottom on the chair. 


Mango Pareo Towel


2. When you put on your awesome new shorts for the first time and note that your legs are just too pale to show them.

Solution: Denim shorts really look awesome with tanned legs. But before your first sunbath, shorts in light colors are more flattering for the skin because the less bold contrast. Also, colorful pants are becoming because they catch all the attention. 


Dolce & Gabbana Daisy Shorts


3. Climbing stairs with a maxi dress or skirt. Oooops..!

Solution: If you really hate this problem, but don’t want to forgo maxi dresses or skirts, you can consider a mullet dress which is a little bit shorter on the front than on the back side. Makes stair climbing a cakewalk!


Tibi Silk Maxi Dress


4. When your feet are swelling so much from the heat that you don’t fit any of your shoes any more.

Solution: No closed shoes. Give your feet the freedom they want (and see #9).


 Birkenstock Gizeh Slippers


5. Stains of ice cream on your white t-shirt.

Solution: You can’t avoid stains. They just happen. But you can avoid white T-shirts! Colored and patterned tops are more generous in summer!


Karl Lagerfeld T-Shirt


6. When your short socks constantly slip from your heel and you’re getting blisters from running. 

Solution: The answer is very easy: Instead of socks that end right on you ankle, try ones that are just a little bit higher so that they end above your shoes. They won’t get swept up in it. 


Puma Socks


7. You got so used to a light way of dressing that your skinny jeans suddenly seem to be 3 sizes too small.

Solution: Invest in a JoggJeans. The elastic material and waistband ensure an ultra-comfortable feeling. It feels like wearing sweatpants while looking like usual denims. Also, this kind of pants will still be your best friends in fall and winter!


Diesel Rizzo JoggJeans


8. The sleeveless shirts which are currently on sale at Zara are so gorgeous and you have to admit to yourself that you should have done (more) dumbbell training during winter. 

Solution: Why going sleeveless if you can also do off-shoulder? 


 Zara Off-Shoulder Top


9. When you can’t wear your open-toe sandals because you forgot to do your pedicure.

Solution: Opt for an alternative which is as light and summery as sandals. Our recommendation: Espadrilles! Preferably a cut out model so that your feet still get as much air as when wearing sandals!


Buffalo Espadrilles


10. You have to ride your bike knock-kneed because you don’t want to show off your underwear.

Solution: A skirt or dress with an implemented short! It is 1) super cool and trendy, and 2) very convenient for breezy days and bike rides!


Zara Overall Dress


 Teaser Image: UO Blog