Summer 2016 Bucket List

Posted by June 23, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, Trends

Summer is rolling and it is time to write a SUMMER BUCKET LIST! Bucket lists can only bring memories, hopefully good ones!

It is the time of the year you will be talking about for the rest of the year until the next summer so it is the perfect time to create memories and do all the stuff you have been postponing. So get your friends together on your backyard and write a bucket list together, while you enjoy a good glass of your favourite beverages.

We believe good experiences should be captured the good old way. An instant camera will be perfect to keep a memory of all the next bucket list experiences.

So let us introduce you to our ideal Summer Bucket List…


1. Read A Book

Yes, reading it and finishing it! We have got into the habit of reading shorter articles due to social media, but remember that before Social Media, books were the thing and there is nothing  that makes your imagination fly more than reading a book.


2. Cliff-Jumping Into Water

This is the closest you are going to get to flying and freedom during summer. Those seconds are revitalising, so make sure you use it as a summer opening or finale. Leaving your worries and bad vibrations on the top of the cliff and jumping into a new start is the secret.


3. Host A BBQ

Reuniting old friends and having a fun time while having a proper BBQ could be the ideal summer plan.

We suggest to prepare some games or activities to make it even more fun (Have you heard of Messy Twister?) and finish the night with a night walk all together.


4. Drive-In Movies

This would be a rather romantic plan to have and what is summer without a summer love? Perfect for a great summer love first date!


5. Summer 2016 Official Song

Make sure you pick a song that will remind you and your friends of this summer Bucket List experience while coming back to it in December when it is snowing outside.


6. All Night Long

We all know time is not one of our worries during summer so let’s make the most out of the warm nights by going for a night swim with some friends and staying up until sun rises. We guarantee you the best pictures of your entire summer, they are so worth it!


7. Bonfire Time

Light a bonfire (if allowed of course, we do not want you to get in trouble. Talking from experience right here!) Once your fire is lighted, it is time for you to get your huge bag of marshmallows and put them over the fire (Don´t lie to yourself, you have been waiting for this ALL YEAR!). 

After you have downed your XXL marshmallows bag, challenge your friends to catch a firefly (and let it go eventually, of course!) and see who wins.


8. Rolling Down A Hill

This may sound very stupid, (we are aware of it, believe us) but is it so much fun that we had to include it in our bucket list.

Of course we are not suggesting you to climb Mount Everest and rolling it down, but a little hill or sand dunes would do just fine to get the whole rolling-down-a-hill-feeling.


9. Destination Unknown Road Trip

Even if it is just for a day, pack your necessary stuff and pick up your friends without telling what is in your head. Once you are all together gently spread the news on having no idea where you are heading, but assuring a lot of fun (Expect some weird looks right then!). After some minutes of singing over some loud tunes with the windows wide open, your friends will totally forget that you have no destination. Enjoy!


10. Rock Temporary Tattoos

These have been out there for a while, but now they even look pretty. So while you are on your way home from the beach, stop by the shop and get as many as possible, the more the better! They would look awesome on your tanned skin and are perfect for that night’s music festival you are planning to go to.


11. Detox

Have you ever thought of becoming a Frutarian? We suggest you to try it for 1 to 3 days maximum. Fruits are rich on vitamins and anti-oxidants, but of course anything taking to the extreme is unhealthy. So a few days will be enough for your body to detox and regain some healthy energy.


12. Floating Lantern

Last but not least, letting go of a floating lantern with someone you love is probably one of the most magical things you will ever do. Make sure you think of a wish (or two, there is plenty of space for more..) and write it down on the lantern before you let go of it (Mine so far, have come true!).


Remember…Act now, think later. Happy Summer 2016!


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