Pack Like A PRO – 10 Essentials For Your Summer Suitcase

Posted by July 8, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, Trends

The fact of not knowing what we will be facing makes us want to pack EVERYTHING and this is one of the first mistakes when filling our suitcase. The trick is keeping your mind cool and thinking of what you REALLY need. (IE Don’t pack your bikini when going skiing, “just in case a swimming pool randomly appears in the middle of the mountain”).

For instance; pack two basic pieces you wear a lot but you would never put together at home and when you get to your holiday spot (beach hopefully) try putting these two together, you will be surprised of how good these two pieces look together. Less is more!


Our recommendation

Follow the “Would you wear it at home?” Rule.

This is a very easy rule to follow, if you don’t use it a home, DO NOT pack it. We usually get over excited when packing for holidays and end up stuffing our bags with unnecessary stuff.


The 10 Essentials to pack

Here is a list of what we believe are the ten essentials to have in your suitcase when packing for your summer holidays.

  1. A one-piece swimming suit to keep it elegant at any time.
  2. An oversized comfy jumper for late nights at the beach and bonfires.
  3. A pair of sneakers that take you through both, a walk in the night or a relaxed dinner by the sea.
  4. A pair of flat brown sandals, they would match every possible outfit.
  5. A long dress for a more elegant dinner or night out.
  6. A pair of short jeans to go out and use in the meantime for a morning coffee before hitting the pool or beach.
  7. A light beach dress to wear over your one-piece.
  8. A cool cropped denim jacket that works well with all your chosen outfits.
  9. A thin printed summer shawl.
  10. A headpiece, hat or cap, both would work.



1. H&M Patterned Chiffon Maxi Dress, 2. Browns Crew Neck Wool Jumper, 3. Mango Denim Shorts, 4. S.Oliver Sandals, 5. Mango Printed Scarf, 6. Reclaimed Vintage Washed Baseball Cap, 7. Woman Secret Black Swimming Suite, 8. Stradivarius Denim Jacket, 9. Zara Black Midi Dress, 10. Marc O’Polo Textil Sneaker


Picture via Vogue Spain