How To Style A Late Summer Silk Shirt

Posted by August 21, 2015 - Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

After an intense and continual heat wave, there has been some rain coming down these last couple of days. And though I’m the biggest summer fan ever, I really appreciated cooling down a little. But what if the day starts all hot and sunny and in the afternoon, a thunderstorm-like downpour lets temperatures drop and makes you freeze in your little shorts and sandals? Is it necessary to change your whole outfit? By no means, if you are wearing the right piece.

Silk is a fabulous material, not only because of its smooth texture that feels oh-so-pleasant on the skin, but also because it is temperature balancing. So what could be more suitable for mixed weather conditions than a silk blouse? Exactly, which is why my heart skipped a beat when I found this super pretty, slightly oversized striped silk shirt by Max Mara Weekend on super sale (it was almost reduced by half – jackpot!). The last of its kind, hanging on a rack between other upper garments, it waited for me to find it, try it on and take it home with me.

I know that some might see a slight resemblance to pyjamas here, which might even be true, but I don’t mind it. I even think that the silk shirt looks great combined with other loose fitting items, like cropped pants or flowy shorts. To effectively complete the overall pyjama look, so to say ;) Dark skinny jeans, or a leather pencil skirt with the blouse tucked in would also be a nice combination!  So if you’re looking for a versatile, comfy yet elegant piece you will enjoy for a long time, go get yourself a silk shirt for these late summer and upcoming fall days. On top, it would also provide you with the same convenience your pj’s do, but during daytime. 




By We Are Stardust