Rolando Sturlini – The Quality Men’s Footwear Brand

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Rolando Sturlini is equivalent with quality, class, design and craftmanship. The Italian footwear mansion is specialized in premium men’s shoes, from lace-ups over moccasins to Chelsea boots. For a classic gentlemen look these shoes are definitely the best choice. 

About The Shoes

A symbol of Italian creativity and inventiveness, using the skills of genuine experts, the brand has managed to stitch their creative and qualitative origins into a shoe with a design always in step with the times. Today they offer a man a casual style that does not abandon the quality of a product made with the precision of Italian craftsmanship. The shoe shines in those looks dominated by maximum freedom of expression. 

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The Brand’s History

The shoe factory was founded as a family business in 1967 in the Tuscan countryside, with a small team of skilled craftsmen. Rolando’s wife, Anna, was in charge of the stitching department, a highly skilled and valued part of the shoe manufacturing process. The world slowly became aware of the products due to the ethical quality of the craftsmanship and, during the early 1970s, they had tremendous success with our hand-stitched shoe. During the early 1980s, Mr. Sturlini was happy to embrace new markets and started an ambitious partnership with a British fashion brand. This high-end brand had its roots in the British punk scene and became a modern and trendy brand. In 1990 Rolando’s son, Alessio Sturlini, joined the family business and continued the same energy and spirit for quality footwear.  

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