CAN’T STOP THAT FEELING – Dance Together For Peace

Posted by November 30, 2016 - Austria, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, Videos
can't stop that feeling

The Vienna-based blogger Mariam Al-Ayash just realized an amazing project to remind people how important solidarity is. The video she made, is currently all over the internet. For that, she travelled to globe and filmed people dancing  in different cities all around the world. Vienna, New York, Tel Aviv, Bali and Paris are among them. The Justin Timberland song “Can’t Stop That Feeling” contributes the tunes for the joyful and happy dancing scenes.

“This video is a reminder that we are better together.”

Al-Ayash’s message is, that together so much (more) can be achieved – which is even more important when there exist so many bad things than can divide people. Everyone can make a change, with respect and love for each other (and the planet), and together nothing is impossible. The fact that people from all corners of the planet dance together is a metaphor for anything else that could be achieved if we pull together. Isn’t that a strong statement?

“Cant’t Stop That Feeling” – A Worldwide Dance Video For Peace

On her blog, Wiener Portraits, she presents people from Vienna with different backgrounds and tells their stories. That way she wants to show what is making this city so unique: its people.