Stop Caring About Being Cool And Just Be Yourself

Posted by March 3, 2017 - Fashion, Survival Kit, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes
cool Leandra Medine

The condition of ‘being cool’ seems to be very important when it comes to fashion. But what does it actually mean? There is no ultimate definition of coolness, it is more something that every individual has a certain image of in his or her head. Certainly, there are some factors that come to most minds, that somehow shape a universal idea: a bit brittle, a little distant, mixed with a touch of arrogance, not worrying about anything – especially not about an outfit – but looking amazing… Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller describes her image of a ‘cool’ person as followed:

“I’ve associated it with models off-duty wearing leather jackets and smoking the kinds of cigarettes that don’t kill you (I mean, they do, but cool people are too cool to care for nonsense like that). I see soft eyelids and a relaxed jaw and a sort of nonchalance which I have never maintained.”

Long story short: It is mostly a state that we want to achieve, but never really do. Plus, it is associated with surprisingly many negative connotations. Ehm, why do we want to be like this again? 

When did we start caring more about being cool (-without even knowing what this actually means) than feeling confident with how and who we are? If coolness is about ‘not-caring’ why do we need to actively not care, instead of just DO NOT CARE? Frankly speaking, the whole conception of coolness is ridiculous. Along these lines we came to the conclusion: Not trying to be cool is the new cool. Because isn’t it all about being relaxed, effortless, supposedly-not-caring-about-what-others-think? So why not actually and really stop striving for it and just relax? We should consider someone cool who does not worry, who is strong and assertive, so let’s be like this! Proud of who we are, how we look and what we do. So instead of aspiring some sort of coolness, we want to embrace our uniqueness and be the best versions of ourselves! 


Together with these inspiring thoughts, we prepared a little shoe selection, which was channelled by Leandra Medine, who is, in our opinion, the best example for being herself!

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1. Micheal Kors Mules 2. Guess High Heels 3. Unisa Pumps 4. Superga Sneakers 5. Kate Gray Sneakers 6. Alisha Slippers 7. Vigneron Pumps 8. Guess Heels 9. Alisha Loafers


Images by Man Repeller