How To Stay Slim Through The Holidays

Posted by December 17, 2014 - LIFESTYLE

I know, everybody’s resolution for the new year is to lose a little weight – but what if we could help the time between December and January to stay slim. It seems like a lost cause with all the sweets and treats around – but there are ways you can enjoy them without packing on the pounds.

Focus On Just One Healthy Dish


Focus only on one healthy dish instead of a bit of everything. Try skipping the appetizers and desserts and focus only on the main course.

Create A Motivational Workout Playlist


They key to any workout? Motivation. Once you get going working out isn’t so bad. Make a great playlist to get you psyched to hit the gym.

Handle A Buffet Like A Pro


Scout out the buffet before you just grab everything – only take a reasonable amount to eat – just because it is there doesn’t mean you have to eat it!

Make Water Work For You


Water will fill you up faster, so keep a glass with you at all times. Also, the fuller your hands are the less likely you are to grab for some fattening appetizers.

Follow The Three-Bite Rule


Instead of scarfing down a delicious fruit tart or cake faster than you can say its name, try only three slow bites and then wait. You’ll be surprised how satisfying it actually is.

Nibble While Cooking


When you are cooking don’t be afraid to nibble on what you are making, this way it helps you from getting overly hungry and overeating. Take little baby bites to be sure you don’t completely spoil your appetite.

Burn Calories While Shopping!


Okay, we could already be considered a pro at this one. Instead of online shopping in the convenience of your bed or living room, go out to the mall and shop in person. Not only will you enjoy it more but it will probably save you some money and deliver a nice calorie burning workout at the same time.

Have A Morning-After Pig-Out Plan


If you have a moment of weakness, be sure to have a backup plan. Over indulging over the holidays is inevitable Рso if you find it happened to you commit yourself to walking in the morning and eating healthier the next day, like drinking a fruit smoothie. If you treat yourself, just be more conscious to work it off.

Sip This, Skip That


Be sure to avoid drinks that are actually more like desserts. Choose drinks with straightforward and fewer ingredients. Although we all may love them, they aren’t doing us any favors.

By Notorious Mag