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Posted by March 27, 2015 - Austria, Fashion, Germany, Things We L@VE
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Thank God for the 21st century and the blogger movement. Blogs make our lives so much easier, either it’s a cooking blog, a fashion blog or a simple lifestyle blog, they share their memories, their tips and a part or their lives with us. They entertain us in every possible way and help the hopeless fashion-lovers to be always up to date. 


Berries & Passion – Vienna 

Nina Radman is the head and the face behind the lifestyle blog Berries and Passion. The 26-year-old Vienna-based passionate blogger writes about cool journeys, events and collaborations, which makes sharing giveaways with her fans possible. She travels the world and shares her beautiful memories with us in the best possible way. If you are interested in the news from all around the world and accompany her on her trips you need to unconditionally visit her blog

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Jil & Jana Wernicke – Dortmund 

Just like the Olsen sisters Jil and Jana Wernicke from the Row are super stylish twins. They both study photography and communication design in Dortmund. They talk about their private life, fashion and lifestyle in general as well as their passion for traveling, festivals, photography, Art and indoor design. Their blog is just a mix of everything we love and admire. So go and check them out

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Franziska & Stephanie – Leipzig 

We have to admit is one of our favorite lifestyle blogs. If you are interested in insider tips about Leipzig and its surroundings, for example, where to find a lovely coffee place or to which art exhibition to go you must visit their blog. The girls will show you all of the hidden, inspiring corners of Leipzig. Their blog is all about fashion, food and culture, so go and visit their website,

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