St. Nicholas vs The Krampus

Posted by December 4, 2015 - Austria, HUB, Things We L@VE

Have you been good this year or bad? This Sunday, December 6th is the deciding factor of whether you will be treated by St. Nicholas or punished by the Krampus. While when we were younger the thought of being brought chocolates if we were good and dried fruit if we were bad seem promising, today the stakes seem a bit higher.

And to avoid a beating from the Krampus, is there anything we can do in these two days? Yes, it is the most important time of the year to start giving, with winter temperatures already here, there are many in need right now that you can donate any old clothes or blankets. If you do not have anything spare laying around, you can always donate money to reputable charities like, GreenCrowds, Caritas, or Doctors Without Boarders . Even if you have been good all year and have nothing to worry about from the Krampus, it is still a nice feeling to give back.

But it is also important not to forget about yourself. For those of you who have been giving and kind all year, it is officially time to treat yourself. What better way than with a new pair of shoes?

Good girls, check these out: