6 New Spring Styles You Should Try

Posted by March 22, 2016 - Fashion, Things We L@VE

As spring is finally officially here (astronomical beginning of the season was on March, 20), there is one thing, besides the sun and the warmer temperatures of course, that I am sure almost every women is keen on: to banish the winter wardrobe to the depths of the closet and rediscover the beautiful clothes for spring. But instead of drawing on our old go-to styles, we should give the new spring styles a try. This 6 street style trends are definitely worth giving a try!

1. Denim (but not in the usual way!)

Denim everywhere seemed to be the mantra of many designers for their spring/summer collections, just thinking about Opening Ceremony, Jil Sander Navy, Suno or Gabriela Hearst, to name just a few. This season we are taught that the fabric is great for spring, as it emerges as dresses, skirts, jackets and light coats.

 denim dress

2.  The Slipdress

Yes, the slipdress is definitely one of THE trends for summer, but who says, that you can’t already wear it in spring? Paired with a (denim) jacket or a knitted jumper and a pair of loafers it is the perfect weekday outfit.

 slip dress

3.  Dress Over Pants

For a long time, this was a no-go amongst fashion girls, but fortunately it is back again: the dress-over-pants look. This way our favorite summer dresses can be called into action earlier than expected.

dress over pants

4. The Bomber Jacket

A fancy bomber can upgrade any casual jeans look as well as it can dress down a cocktail dress. Therefore it is more than just the convenient replacement of the winter coat, but a fashionable it-piece itself. 


5. Bare Shoulders

Spring is all about showing your shoulders. It is definitely a trend that you can’t turn a blind eye to. And why would you even want to, as the shirts so beautiful and flattering!


6. Loafers

They have already been our go-to shoes last fall and now they are back for spring! As it would be a bit too enthusiastic to get out our sandals already, loafers are the proper (and most stylish) shoes to wear for transition time. 



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