Spring At The Office: These Are Your Shoes

Posted by March 29, 2017 - LIFESTYLE

Spring is the season to let everything loose, enjoying the sunlight and warm mornings of the springtime. However, many of us mortals do have to work too and sometimes we struggle to make both things work, the right office outfit, right shoes and not boiling or freezing in the mean time. So let us give you a nice option for each office situation so you can go through you’re the blooming season like a real professional and looking stunning all day through.

Busy Monday

Monday is usually a very busy day, no matter where in the world you are or what your profession is. There are some kind of supernatural reasons for this to happen and we cannot really explain why it does, but it seems to us like all the work of the week usually tends to pile up on Mondays and we humans, are somehow expected to solve all of these in the frame time of that Monday morning. Your Monday look according to our editor should be a strong professional look that gives you enough strength for the rest of the week.

Peter Kaiser Betzi  /  Michael Kors Sutton MOC  /  Hogl Pump  /  Peter Kaiser Carsta


Wednesday Business Meeting

Wednesday can be a funny day. It is right there in the middle and we can feel a little bit insecure about what is going on in our world in terms of style on that day, simply because it is just stuck there in the middle of the week. So our recommendation for the weird feeling Wednesdays is to go for a very classic look like jeans and blazer. This look will also look very good for an unexpected business meeting, plus; it is always a win win.

Vagabond Ayden  /  Peter Kaiser Tippi  /  Tommy Hilfiger Mokassin  /  Alisha Slipper


“Feels like Friday” Thursday

Everyone loves those that Thursday-Friday feeling. Thursday is a wanna be Friday and those are the vibes that everyone gets in the office when Mr. Thursday arrives. So why not aim for a casual look that allows you to start getting in the weekend mood and look awesome at the same time. Here are some casual options that could work perfectly well with a nice casual jean and white shirt look. 


Bernie Mev Gummies Gem  /  Peter Kaiser Cecilia  /  Adidas Stan Smith cf W  /  Kate Gray Textil Sneaker


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