Spring Nail Trend Alerts FTW

Posted by March 24, 2017 - Austria, How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE

Nail polish knows no season and it is very hard to control ourselves when we see an awesome trend blooming from the ashes. However, we have controlled ourselves enough now, it is Spring and it is time to present you the nicest and most trendy nail art styles of this season. Seriously, this is very exciting and very fresh information, so get your hands together for these new nail art trends.

The NEW FRENCH STYLE, CLEAR and EGGY GLITTER. These are THE main keywords that you should have in mind and should be expecting to see everywhere from now on. These new trends include a lot of nude hues, clear and completely see-through tones, just details in dark tones and glitter. But let just introduce you to these beauties with some visual facts.

The New French Style – Clear & Transparent


Nude Hues


Glitter And Metallics


Impressively good right? We know. We adore them too. So it is now time to get our there and start creating. No more “Oh nos, I went of the line or finger” because it is now trending. Is this not a lovely world to be living in?

Images via Elle and Glamour