Sporty Glitter – Sneakers And Slip-Ons That Let You Shine

Posted by March 23, 2017 - Fashion, Trends, We L@VE Shoes
sporty glitter

Sneakers and Slip-Ons are our go-to shoes for two main reasons. First, they are comfortable, so by wearing them one is always on the safe side. Second, they are cool and sporty – the perfect choice for a casual daytime look. We choose our trainers for many different occasions, either it’s a busy day of running errands, a walk in the countryside or a long day of sightseeing on vacation. For the upcoming season, our comfy shoes get an extraordinary makeover which makes them almost too good for such normal days. The Sporty Glitter Trend will put everything you thought about sneakers in a new light – literally spoken!  Sporty shoes as sneakers and slip-ons come in the shiniest hues and with funky applications as pearl, gemstones or funny patches. 


Styling Tipp: Because of the connection of two contrary factors – the athletic shape on the one side and the eccentric style on the other – these shoes are very versatile and can be worn in different ways. They fit for both, the more casual looks, with denims and T-shirt, but they also look great when they are styled with a rather chic outfit. Our editor’s suggestion: Achieving a breach of style by pairing two elegant garments with two casual ones. As suggested in our Get The Look: A Cool Parka and sporty Slip-Ons with a classy purse and a very chic dress. 

sporty glitter

1. Kate Gray Crossbody Bag 2. OMG! Sneaker 3. Zara Parka with Embroidery 4. Topshop Satin Dress 

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