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Everyone knows those days were just everything goes wrong. Either it’s a traffic ticket, a coffe spilt all over your new dress or a an argument with your boss: When your day already starts like this you know it can only get worse. To not letting your bad mood increase you need to think of something that you can look forward to, something that makes you happy. A bad day does not have to stay a bad day if you decide to spoil yourself. Because from time to time it is necessary to allow yourself a treat without feeling guilty.

With this 6 ways of how to spoil yourself your anger will soon be dispelled. 

1. Get your nails done

Some may think that a manicure is something luxurious, redundant, as it can easily be done by yourself at home. Still, the procedure makes us feel special and the outcome is also a nice side effect. 


2. Buy new shoes

There is this one pair of shoes that you wanted for so long, but you know that you don’t really need it. So what? If we only bought shoes we need, we would only have sneakers and boots. 


3. Eat cake

Think of your favourite sweet and allow yourself to have it! When on your way home from work, stop by the bakery and get that muffin, apple pie, cupcake or whatever you are yearning for.


4. Take some time off

When work gets you down – and this happens to everyone sometimes – take a day (or a half) off. Seize the extra time you won for yourself and don’t think about your job. Maybe you can spend it with someone you haven’t seen in a while. 

The Park 8 

5. Plan ahead

You are thinking about doing this weekend trip or going to this concert for quite a while but didn’t yet bring yourself to plan it? Why waiting any longer? Time is now and having something that you can look forward to is a great feeling!

car road trip

6. Spend time with your bestie

Call your best friend and ask her for a spontaneous date. Who else could better cheer you up and make you laugh?


Keep this tips in mind and the next time you are really annoyed, just allow to spoil yourself! 


pictures Essie, Lauren Henkin, tumblr, Vogue