The Sound Of Music

Posted by April 5, 2017 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE

Right after I came back from a press trip to London for the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy smart phone, I headed to Hotel Schloss Leopolodskron for a weekend getaway to relax in the nature with a dear friend of mine. The hotel is situated in Salzburg, which means it was about 3 hours away by car from Vienna with a few stops at highway supermarkets for snacks. My friend and I were very excited. But how can you not be when you are about to visit an award-winning hotel that has been the location of the most beloved musical film “The sound of the music” and has hosted a Chanel fashion show? On the day we arrived, the hotel was celebrating 70 years of Salzburg Global Seminar with all former and present staff and we were invited to join them for drinks and food. But I had a secret mission that I haven’t revealed to anyone before and I am sharing this only with you. I was trying to trace the footsteps of, oh so handsome Captain von Trapp, protagonist of the musical. Although I tried hard, I was unable to spot him, but the warm sun, breathtaking view of the lake and mountains, and a glass of champagne distracted me and had me carried away by the sound of music. 

For the whole weekend I preferred to stay casually dressed, because as I said, the goal of the trip was to relax and unwind. Luckily enough, I had with me a more elegant dress, a chic little purse from Guess and a pair of black Humanic sandals, so when we got invited to the join the Saturday night event in the hotel, I didn’t panic at all. It’s always a good idea to pack a black a pair of elegant sandals together with all the casual outfits, because you never know. You may start your journey thinking that it’s going to be a relaxing weekend without make up and blow dryer, and you suddenly get invited to join an amazing event in a palace. What do you do?


By The Viennese Girl