12 Socks And Tights Friendly Shoes For This Season

Posted by March 9, 2017 - How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE

In winter, we can’t show them to the world because we are too busy rocking our winter boots and keeping our toes warm. The summer is too hot to use them and we have a whole bunch of beautiful sandals silently waiting in the line to be worn. Socks and tights are definitely a Spring thing. Spring has the perfect temperature and amount of clouds to be able to become pro tights or cool socks wearers. Socks and sandals, blessed madness. This trend has already hit the streets of Paris and here is the proof.


Amazing, prodigious, marvellous are the only words that our grey matter can currently think of. We cannot even believe what took us, humans so long to get to this cool trend. There is nothing we do not love about it and we are so ready to rock it. So let’s get right to it; first of all, we should head to the Humanic Online store and decide what the coolest shoes are and which would suit you better. Once you have decided which shoes you have decided to “unintentionally” fall for, it would now be time for some socks or tights shopping. Lucky enough for us, the shops are full of these items and they are waiting for you to flatten their socks aisle. For the shoes, we managed to ask our editor to create a special selection that would work perfectly with some socks or tights this Spring.


Lazzarini Pumps  /  Peter Kaiser Dione  /  Högl Pumps  /  Peter Kaiser Dakota


OMG! Sneaker  /  Alisha Sneakers  /  Timberland Mayliss Slip On  / Kate Gray Slippers




OMG! Denim  /  Alisha Velvet Sandals  /  Lazzarini Sandalette  /  Alisha Sandalette

You now have all the basic tips and inspiration dose to get out there and master this trend like a real PRO. What a great time to be alive right? 

Images via Whowhatwear and Elle