Impressive Art By No One Less Then Mother Nature Herself!

Posted by October 14, 2014 - LIFESTYLE

You might have thought that macro photography is something exclusive for a small elite of highly trained photo-ninjas with a budget comparable to the one of the NASDAQ 100 Company. But Alexey “Let’s do this” Kljatov took some old school Canon Powershot A650, mounted an inverted Helios 44m lens to it and fixed it together with the mother of DIY-action: Duct tape. With these simple components he proved us all wrong. That’s not only creative, but also impressive! Although Russian and probably not related, I felt an instant connection to this brilliant son of a gun. My conclusion is, that we’re at least brothers at heart.

Because these results are nothing less than astonishing. As I’m from Austria  - home of the alps, birthplace of many winter sports, Mecca of après ski and Jagertee (you get the idea) – I thought I was familiar with the whole concept of snow. And still my brain is boggled with the amount of awesome, that every little snowflake brings with it. I never would have thought, that these guys are so extremely rich in variety. Every single one of them are a perfect masterpiece.

My conclusion: Not only Alexey, but also Mother Nature have some mad skills. Just see for yourself!


The Setup; Source:


The master himself – Alexey Kljatov. Source:

By Notorious Mag