Guide To Perfect Sneaker Etiquette

Posted by April 21, 2016 - How to walk in these trends, Things We L@VE

It is hard to decide in the morning sometimes if you want to wear sneakers, whether you don’t know if they will suit the situation or are just feeling a different vibe there are certain guidelines you can follow to make sure that you are making the right choice every time. Sneakers can be a stylish part of any look, not to mentions how incredibly comfortable they are. A chic pair of tennis shoes just makes us feel better, so of course we want to take any opportunity possible to wear them because as you know we are devoted sneaker-heads.

Stick with what you love

If you have a favorite pair that flatter you, buy them again! This is the first step to creating a signature style, if you like the pair but they are showing some wear and tear, definitely go for a new pair.

Do not fear a loud pair of sneakers

It can be okay to make them the focus of your look. Loud shoes are fun and totally in for spring this year. They are an important style accessory. 

Keep your fancy sneakers clean

This is especially applicable if you are wearing them to the office. It is part of an overall professional appearance and not to mention how much more put together your style will look!

Take sneakers from the office to the weekend

Your sneakers were meant to have a life on the weekend too! All work and no play isn’t good for anything, so let them have the fun they deserve and your style will thank you.

Feel free to wear them with dresses and skirts

…and don’t be afraid to show a little sock either! Sneakers are totally acceptable to wear with more leggy clothing, so be fun with it! They will grab the attention very quickly.

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