Slippers: My Favorite LA Street Style!

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slippers at the kissing wall

I know, I know, it’s middle of October so that look is probably not the best for you right now. But I promise you one thing: Slippers will stay en vogue for quite a while – lucky us! Usually, comfortable shoes are not that stylish, right? But these ones definitely proof the opposite. You can find very similar ones here or here, both from Birkenstock: HUMANIC, I love you! 


Two years ago I started wearing slippers. I remember buying my first pair of Birkenstocks in Paris: Arizona was almost sold out everywhere but I somehow managed to find the right pair in a store. In black, of course! When I came back to Austria, everybody was looking at me like I’m a total weirdo because who would wear these slides as a street style look? After a few months this trend finally hit Austria as well. More and more fashionistas started wearing the best shoes ever: Slippers in every color and shape. Two years later, that trend is still going on, even if it’s developing slowly, and you can find so many different variations of shoes almost everywhere.


My past week has been busy and one job was especially cool: Last Monday I shot a campaign for a sunglasses company. Everything was perfectly organized, the team was fun and you won’t imagine how awesome the catering was. I’m always so happy when there’s proper food on set and here in LA you have plenty of vegetarian (and even vegan options) to choose from. I worked together with a male model because I obviously can’t present sunglasses for men. In addition to everything else they acted super nice and generous and gave me 6 sunglasses as goodies. Usually when modeling you don’t get anything for free, it’s just a hard lasting cliché that models always get all the fashion for free. There was one pair I liked the most so I thought why not shoot a look for Trendsylvania with it? I combined my sunnies with my beloved slides and a black dress which is also super comfy and easy going as always. Next week I have plenty of work again, my Monday starts right with a shoot and I’m really looking forward to working with that brand. Last week has been kind of chilly for LA but the temperatures are going up again – 32 degree tomorrow, can you believe that? I’m currently thinking about cuddling up in my bed while wearing cosy wool socks and reading a book – I wish! 

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