How To Transform Your Summer Slip Dress Into A Fall Piece

Posted by October 18, 2016 - Design, Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, Trends

The fall has already offered us a bit of everything, we have had some rain, some wind, some sun and some very wintery days. We can officially say it is driving us pretty crazy here in Vienna and because of this we thought it would be great to bring out our wonderful slip dresses and adapt them to our fall wardrobe. Sounds great doesn’t it? We have found five different ways to adapt our slip dress to our fall and cold days here in Europe, because we love making the most of all seasons and its items. Every single style looks great and is very easy to put together, so here are our five ideas. 

Turtle Neck

We have already combined them with basic white t-shirts throughout the last days of summer but for the fall, we would suggest to add a nice turtle neck to it rather than a T-shirt. You will still create the same impression that you got with the white tee but only cooler and winter-proof.



Sweater Underneath

You can also go all the way and style the dress with a sweater underneath it. This way you will sure stay warm, no doubt about that and you will provoke some wows at the office. This is a definite must-try!



Sweater on Top

This is a very cozy look. Although it is true that you loose the impact of the chic slim slips, you get to feel very comfortable and fall-proof the dress by only adding a simple sweater or knitted pullover on top.



Layers and a Chunky Coat

Very 90s. Very Paris Hiltonish actually, but it works. Layers are everything during the fall, since it is such a changing season. Specifically these layers will allow you to wear you slip dresses even during the winter.


Over Trousers

We absolutely love this style. We really like the touch you get by adding any type of trousers under dresses or long garments. This would be a perfect look to combine with some ankle boots from Humanic and it will look absolutely perfect and very stylish.


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