Slides For Spring/Summer 2017

Posted by January 30, 2017 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE, Trends
Slides for spring/summer 2017

Last week I’ve been invited to Vienna to have a first look at HUMANIC’s new spring/summer collection 2017. Maybe some of you have seen some bits and pieces already here on Trendsylvania or saw some of my snaps on Instagram Stories (feel free to follow me on Instagram if you aren’t already: @hollerkat), too. Last season, slides started to be en vogue and everyone embraced wearing them: Birkenstocks or even the typical „Adilette“ by adidas are now a fashion statement. And guess what: You will see them again this season, coming in different textures and colours but isn’t that a cool thing? Slides are probably the most comfortable shoes you could ever wear. I can’t wait to show you more variations of them when it’s getting warmer – this is just a throwback to one of my favourite outfits from last summer. The cotton coat is comfy, easy to wear and a good fit for every typical OOTD. To complete the look, get inspired and shop some similar looking slides here or here and get ready for spring because it’s not that far away anymore!

2017 is such a young year so far but I’ve been emotionally involved a lot. I am still holding on to my step by step technique. First: The thesis. It’s important as hell to finish what you’ve started and I am afraid that I’m getting so distracted that I just wouldn’t finish it. Also, a little mistake happened and 2 ECTS are missing to finish my studies – usually I’m super reliable so I don’t know what happened but I guess I have to just go for it and finish one more course. Since I’ve been told that I can hand in my thesis to print on Monday (so today), I took the whole weekend to complete the layout and put some extra work in it. Second: I will focus on the people I really, truly love. Let’s have another philosophical lesson here: Sometimes, you must be without something for a while to really appreciate it. I guess it’s a thing called life – some lessons need to be learned the hard way. But you know what? If it’s worth it, fight for it. Fight for your goals you want to achieve and put some effort in it. I wish you a good start into the new week with lots of good vibes.




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