Sketch-Style Tattoos By Kamil Mokot

Posted by October 14, 2014 - LIFESTYLE

Even if you don’t have a tattoo, we’re sure you at least thought of getting one? A lot of people had their tattoo sketched long before they actually did it. Can you imagine bringing all of your sketches to life, as a piece of art? Truth is, tattoos today are recognized as a true piece of art, and we really cannot deny that. This great tattoo master, Kamil Mokot, surely proves that with his art, the best of the sketch-style tattoos. His specific technique is using a tattoo machine as a pen to get irregular lines so the final artwork looks like he was doing a few rough sketches in a notebook. The results are awesome! If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo, check out this photos for some great inspiration…;)

tattoo1 tattoo2 tattoo3 tattoo4 tattoo5

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By Notorious Mag