We Sit With Marina Hoermanseder And Talk Style

Posted by September 7, 2015 - Things We L@VE
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You could already feel the buzz in the air. When we arrived at Le Meridien Hotel in Vienna on Friday we couldn’t help but notice all the preparations going into the following Monday’s fashion week. Models were being casted, shoes were flying everywhere and the all the final last minute details were being hammered out. This is where we met the French-Austrian designer, Marina Hoermanseder.  In the wake of Vienna Fashion Week she was obviously very excited to chat about her new collection with us – but first thing was first, she introduced us to her pint sized pup, Peanut in his custom designed collar.

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For Marina, the most important element in her style is the buckle, which is highlighted in her collection – as well as around Peanut’s neck. She say it what defines her look and it is something that he style cannot live without.

But in her opinion, for a woman trying to spruce up her look a good pair of shoes are key. She explains a pair of shoes are essential for any look – because they can make or break the whole outfit. A nice pair of shoes will make the whole style look expensive and it is the easiest way to get out of a slump if you are starting to feel uninspired by your current wardrobe. Unfortunately, Marina says there won’t be any shoes on her horizon andtime soon, because she wants to take the time to do them right. But we will be looking forward to the collection if it ever comes out!

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