The Shoes That We Would Buy If We Were Carrie Bradshaw

Posted by May 19, 2017 - Austria, How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE

When it comes to Carrie, there is no one in the room that can disagree. Pretty much everyone adores her and there is simply nothing about her that we could not love. Even though her character is now part of the past, we still like to go back to her and secretly put ourselves in her shoes while shopping for new lovers (Like she would call them).

So we were diving into the Sex In The City world some days ago and we thought to ourselves, that there were a bunch of shoes that Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte, would absolutely die for.  


Friday Lovers

These shoes would totally work for an after work event. They could take you to the movies with a nice white shirt or even to a nice gallery exhibition where they serve expensive wine and you get to explore very weird pieces of art that you clearly don’t understand but still have to act cool.


Saturday Lovers

Saturday is for dancing and that is no question, it’s and order. So here are the lovers that will make you want to dance and enjoy your Saturday night like a real party animal.




Sunday Lovers

Sundays are for resting and the girls of Sex In The City knew it better than anybody. They used to spend their Sunday mornings in a nice café simply enjoying their own company and chatting about their exciting upcoming news or gossiping like pros. However, they would never renounce to a good pair of shoes and these are only some of them.



Teaser image via Pinterest