Sexy Punk – Sneakers For The Cold Days

Posted by November 15, 2016 - Fashion, Trends
Sexy Punk

The idea of wearing sneakers on cold fall days usually does not sound very appealing. The foggy and wet November air can get a bit uncomfortable when the breeze hits your face and runs through your body, leaving you with goosebumps from head to toe. It is hard to not completely drop fashion and style and think about anything else but UGGs, a big blanket and hot chocolate. Thinking of sneakers? Ridiculous! But, wait… Isn’t there any way for wearing sneakers but still feel warm and on top of that looking sexy and feminine? There is and it is called Sexy Punk!

This trend is truly awesome because it is a combination of sporty, chic and flirty and it is just perfect for fall (weather). The Sexy Punk look is casual and effortless, really cool, but with sexy elements. The components are comfy sneakers, either a dress or a skirt, tights (!) and on top a really cozy sweater, cardigan or jacket. To bring the look to perfection, we suggest to opt for a metallic hue, incorporated to the outfit with one piece. This could be the shoes or the coat, very prominent amongst street styles are also purses in matte gold or silver. 

Go ahead and see some inspiring street styles and our must-shop pieces to create your own Sexy Punk look!




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