It Is September First And Here Are Your 7 Fall Essentials

Posted by September 1, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE
fall essentials

We all love summer and never want it to leave but today, it is finally SEPTEMBER 1st! (Huge random applause everybody!). We know, leaving your summer loves and summer adventures behind is hard, but trust us we are about to give you 7 reasons to dive into fall the coolest and classiest way possible, plus; summer will come back again in ten months (there goes our positivity shot of the day, anytime!).

Now that we are officially very little steps away of the shorter and cooler days, it is time to start thinking about your fall 2016 essentials. While you enjoy your last mojitos and sun rays back in your home towns, before your responsibilities start piling up on your desk, you might want to have a look at our fall essentials list in order for you to be totally ready to receive the fall with wide open arms.

Here are the main 7 essential items for you to fill in your fall wardrobe. Welcome September!


A Pair of Trendy Ankle Boots

This trend is perfect to update your usual brown or black ankle boots to a more fun and trendy option.


Lazzarini Velours Bootie


The Classic Trench Coat

This will be your coat of the season, not only does it look gorgeous and very French, it will also save your life on a colder morning when heading downtown to work.

Mango Classic Trench Coat


A Shopper Bag

It is important to let go off your summer favourite cross over bag and having a look at Humanic’s online store to choose your new city/shopper bag. This bag will be with you for the rest of the season and it will give you the power to start confronting your duties with style.

Tommy Hilfiger Shopper Bag


A Pair of Loafers

Loafers have been a thing for some weeks, but now is the time to actually rock them and style them with your perfect fall layered outfits. 

Ralph Laurent Barret Loafer


A Button Front Skirt

If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy them this summer, good news, you can use them this fall too. Just add some nice see-through tights to the look.

Zara Leather Button Front Skirt


A New Pair of Sneakers

Now is the time. Sneakers are an all year round must have BUT, fall is the perfect time to use them on an every-day basis. It is a season where the weather is neither cold nor warm and a good pair of Adidas are always a good touch for any casual occasion.

Adidas Original Superstar II


A Stylish Hat

As we saw some days ago, on the article on Things a Stylish Woman Would Never do, one of the main points was not underestimating the power of an accessory, hence the power of a hat. 

H&M Wool Hat


Pictures via PinterestCollage Vintage