The Secret On How To Dress Up Without Actually Dressing Up

Posted by September 6, 2016 - Design, Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, Trends

We all love dressing up and looking chic and cool, that is no secret. The real secret here is how to achieve a perfect look without even dressing up. There are many fashion and style hacks that will automatically upgrade your simple Jeans and T-shirt outfit to an “OMG, look at that girl!” look. Some days ago we mentioned how a stylish woman would never underestimate the power of an accessory in the article on Things A Stylish Woman Would Never Do and once again that theory applies to this fashion secret.

There are some pieces that always stand out, specially in the shops. How many times have you been to a shop and totally fell in love with something and then instantly thought: “But what would I wear it with?” Let us tell you, THESE are the pieces that make the difference and would totally upgrade any of your casual every day outfits to a total killing look. These items do not always have to be accessories; they can also be basic pieces that contain a rocking detail that makes it stand out of the crowd. We hope this brings some internal (fashion) peace, now that you know that you CAN buy those crazy Kennel & Schmenger black leather ankle boots you just saw pretty much anywhere around Vienna.

In order to upgrade your basic, casual look to a shocking must-look-at outfit, you should know that there are many fashion items that will have the power of making this happen. Some of these items may be an (fashion) investment, but they are totally worth it. Bomber Jackets, Hat, Shoes, Bags or other overall garments may be within items offering the Fashion Upgrade Superpower. We have put together a list of seven of these pieces, for you to start adding to your casual Jeans and T-shirt looks. You will definitely not regret any of these purchases!

Ankle Strap Pumps



Velvet Jacket

Zara Embroidered Velvet Jacket


Flashy Bomber Jacket

Zara Embroidered Reversible Bomber Jacket


Ankle Boots

Lazzarini Velouleder Stiefelette






Miu Miu Cat Eye Sunglasses Noir




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