Saying goodbye to long hair

Posted by October 31, 2014 - LIFESTYLE, Trends

When I was a little kid I wasn’t allowed to have long hair. My parents just didn’t want to spend time on washing and taking care of them, so they would chop them off whenever they grew 3 cm beneath my ear. So unsurprisingly I was very jealous of girls who had awesome long hair. Seriously. You can’t even imagine how intense I was craving for long hair.


Years went by, I grew up and was finally in charge of my own looks and the first thing I did was letting my hair grow super long. Oh how awesome it felt! I was able to whip my hair from one side to the other, to throw them behind my shoulder or even put them up to a pony tail. Whenever I went to the hairdresser I made sure she won’t cut away too much, so I can let them grow longer. I had a real obsession with the length of my hair. But as much as I loved my fairy tail hair, change is something that I love even more. So there was a constant fight between the need of change and the love to my long hair.



I decided to take it easy and make small steps towards a radical change. First I changed the colour of my hair, by adding my meanwhile trademark: the blonde strands of hair on the right and left side of my head.  Then I kept cutting off 10cm by 10 cm…. and nearly a year later (that’s how long it took me!)


I am sitting here, writing this article and enjoying my awesome bob! Yes, I made it, I said good bye to my long hair. After I posted the photo of my new hairdo on Instagram I got quite a lot messages from girls saying that they really want to cut their hair but are afraid to regret it the next minute. They asked me how I felt about the change and if I miss my long hair. My answer is: No, I don’t miss them at all. Because they will grow back! And change feels awesome! So if in doubt, stop hesitating and go for the haircut that you were dreaming about, but never had the guts to try it out. And I have actually a new hair style in my mind that I want to try out. How do you like a cute short bob in pastel pink?


By Broken Cookies