Say Hello To The Shoes That Will Be Trending On 2017

Posted by February 21, 2017 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, Trends, We L@VE Shoes

You just know it is going to be a good year when you simply love every single pair of shoes you see walking around your city and it is not even Spring guys! This is about to get very, very fruity ladies…just saying! We can predict it is going to be one of best years in terms of fashion footwear that we can recall and we are all over the moon about this already and it is only February. We can not even picture where our level of excitement is going to be by the summer time. Alright then, let us actually tell you why we are all over the place with this. We asked our editor to snitch us some information on what this year’s footwear trends were going to be and here are the five types of shoes that she gave us that made us all go loony.



Yes, please. Give us some velvet and we are happy. This is a trend that only happened to revive last year, we can sure handle it for a bit longer.


Alisha Velvet Heels  /  Högl Velvet Booties


Huge trend. So huge, that you are already outdated if you don’t own a pair of metallic shoes, that is actually how serious this trend is. Plus, not only can you find metallic shoes, bags are also a huge thing.


Kate Gray Silver Heels  /  OMG! Sneaker


Talk about showstopping. Here is your next lover. Patches are a very 80´s thing and they somehow make us feel kinda rebellious, but they sure look amazing!


OMG! Sneaker  /  Walter Bauer Sneaker


Yep, pointy shoes are here again. All the way from the 00´s they came back to make us fall in love with them. As crazy as it may seem, they already have a spot in our personal Spring collection!


Lazzarini Sling Black  /  Kate Gray Pink


These are very much a grandma type of shoes, we agree, but the truth is that they are back in town ready to be rocked by some very classy ladies and we can promise you will look absolutely incredible on them. 


Lazzarini Black Slingback  /  Peter Kaiser Slingback

Images via Pinterest, Elle, Essence and Stylbyyellowbutton