Sale Summer Pieces For The Fall

Posted by June 24, 2016 - Design, Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, Trends

Lets think smart, why not getting on sale clothes that could be adaptable for the fall or end of summer?

If you are not sure on how to do this, follow our instructions. Obviously we are not suggesting you to wear minimal shorts in November, but there are definitely some garments that could be wearable also in the fall. Long thin trousers for example, could easily be worn for a summer night BBQ with a nice strapped white blouse and plain sandals, but also worn with some open on the side ankle boots or converse in the fall during the day.

Another secret on how to adapt summer clothes to fall outfits is to use the ‚Onion method’, the more layers the better. Let us take you through the possible layers. Pretending we are wearing some long jeans and some classic Converse, our first possible layer could be a short summer sleeve blouse or T-shirt, followed by a long sleeve or thin pullover as layer number two. The third layer may be a black leather jacket and finally layer number four could be a big scarf that could also be used to cover us while having a coffee by the river in October.

Another garment that could easily be adapted for the fall season or late summer days are Jumpsuits.  Jumpsuits offer you a lot of positive things, from elegance to commodity. A it could be used in the colder days following the ‚Onion Method’ above. Layer over layer, it will still preserve the elegance of these pieces but it will keep you in temperature for the fall.

Obviously, these tips may change slightly depending on where in the world you are and when your fall starts. Portugal and Spain for example would clearly be talking about November weather. In our case, Vienna, we could start wearing these in late September or early October.

Here are some ON SALE pieces that will take you through the summer and the fall after following our recommendations.


Was €196,20 Now €137,34

I want this Skirt

Zara Yellow Cropped Top, Unisa Castilla Yellow Wedges,  Zara White Flower Blouse, Gamloong Boot



DIANE VON FURSTENBERG - Emerson jumpsuit

Was €512 Now €357

I want this Jumpsuit

 Lazzarini City Bag, Vagabond Natalia Sandals, Lazzarini Necklace, MDK Navy Leather Jacket, Funky Shoes Boots, Passigatti Scarf.


These two proposals could be used in both, summer and fall seasons. Both main pieces, the jumpsuit and the skirt are now on sale and waiting for you to buy them and bring them to your wardrobes.

Here are some more garments that could be used during both seasons.


ISABEL MARANT - Nesto Belted Poplin Trousers

Was €340 Now €170

This piece could be worn with some sandals and white tank top during the summer, which would be a perfect combination for a Friday night BBQ at your friends. Later on in October it could be worn with some classic Converse and a grey jumper on top.

I want these Trousers





ZARA – Oversize Denim Waistcoat 

Was €49,95 Now €29,99

This Denim coat could be used on top of a long sleeve dress during fall. It would combined with probably any colour and you could rock the outfit with some old school Adidas Sneakers.

I want this Coat



MANGO - Floral-print Flowy Dress

Was €79,99 Now €39,99

This Flowy Flowery dress, could be a very fresh and cool option for a summer day at the office with some wedges, but it could also work for the next season of the year. Wearing it over a long sleeve basic black t-shirt and over some nice black see-through stockings and ankle boots, will be your solution.

I want this Dress


Image via Besugarandspice