Ruffles and Birkenstock

Posted by May 23, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

I’m soooo excited you guys! After not feeling my best for the last couple of days, I’m finally better and can’t wait for the end of the week to come. On Thursday, the Mister and I will be heading to Croatia with a bunch of lovely friends to attend the Lighthouse Festival! Good music, the beach, cold drinks and simply the best company – I couldn’t be happier about this trip! The weather forecast is promising sunshine and temperatures up to 27 degrees, which means denim shorts and sandals ftw. To get into festival mode already, I decided to wear something a little boho yesterday when heading out to vote (I hope all of you did as well…) and afterwards strolling through the city. Since my legs are anything but tanned yet and I simply turned my ruffled Zara dress into a long shirt and wore it with grey ankle jeans. On my feet: my beloved Birkenstock! I’m sooo glad that these slides have gotten rid of their “eco”-image and become super trendy a couple of years ago. They are the most comfortable shoes ever and are now available in so many different colors and styles! I already own two pairs of Birkis, but how did Andy Warhol say? Two’s a crowd and three’s a party, and that saying sure goes for Birkenstock slides. How pretty are these copper and silver metallic options? And how should I decide which one I like better? Decisions decisions. For now, I’m content with simply wearing sandals and slides again. Lighthouse, I’m coming!! 


By We Are Stadust