How To Rock The 3 Coolest Shoes + Bottoms Combinations

Posted by September 9, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes
shoes + bottoms combinations

How many times have you found yourself with a very nice pair of shoes and having no idea what to wear it with? It happens to us to, do not worry; we are going to put together some very cool looks with totally different bottom garments, for you to be able to inspire yourself and create some perfect looks with every single pair of shoes in your closet.

We believe the trickiest bottom parts to match are maxi skirts or dresses, Culottes or shorts (during colder seasons, like fall) and we will now solve all your doubts regarding these shoes + bottoms combinations.



Culottes for instance are definitely a tricky piece to combine. We do believe they look much better if they are high-waisted, since they elongate your figure and make you look taller. When choosing a culotte there are some things that you should be thinking about, like for example what look you would like to give to it or what inclination would suit you better. By inclination we mean that for example if you are light skin, we would rather give it a more natural style toned look, instead of black.

 1. ZARA Culottes 2. PULL & BEAR T-Shirt 3. MANGO Cardigan 4. SMH Flats

Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are a fun garment to play around with. They can be hard to combine if you are not naturally tall and skinny (Huge high five to all the curvy and petit girls out there – we rock!), BUT we definitely have the solution for that. There are two tricks we would like to give you regarding maxi skirts. The first tip would be to buy a skirt with a cut along the side; this will mean that more skin will be visible and it will elongate your whole figure (and it is well sexy!). The second tip would be to (again) get a high waist type long skirt, the higher it goes, the slimmer you look.

 1. RIVER ISLAND Maxi Skirt 2. ZARA Top 3. PULL & BEAR Bomber 4. ADIDAS Sneakers


Shorts for the fall? Totally! Just style it with a nice long sleeve loose blouse and add some crazy old-style details and accessories to it. Once all these are achieved make sure you get your favourite ankle booties from Humanic. This is the most Californian look you can go for; Booties and shorts. We just love it!

1. MANGO Blouse 2. ZARA Shorts 3. MANGO Jacket 4. VIGNERON Booties

Teaser Image Sources: Glam Radar, Happily Grey, Elle