Rings for Men, A How-To

Posted by October 30, 2014 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE

Rings, jewelry items present in the fashion world since, well, forever, are mostly a style choice preferred by the ladies. However, several men are not immune to the charm of this small but powerful accessory. Either way, one thing is for sure: for us guys, it’s not easy to wear.


This is why I made some research and put together a little how-to for those men who want to try something new and put a ring on their finger – in a fashion-related way!

For starters, it’s important to keep one thing in mind: why do you want to wear a ring? Is to make a statement, to give an original touch to your outfit, to express a particular social identity or belonging to a specific group? This rule might help you decide which ring position to choose.

The Ring Finger


This one is easy. A ring on your fourth finger usually indicates marriage or engagement (respectively left hand and right hand), but it’s not a rule. While most engagement or wedding rings for men are a simple silver or golden bar, a braver choice could make a difference in your overall outfit. Also, even a big bold ring won’t bother you in daily tasks, due to its distance to the middle and index fingers.

The Little Finger


Like the ring finger, your pinky is a good place if you use your hands a lot during the day and don’t want to be bothered or continuously take off your rings. The little finger doesn’t have any precise cultural or religious meaning, and its relative distance to the rest of the hand makes it a good spot if what you are looking for is a statement-effect.

The Middle Finger


A ring on your middle finger might look more ‘manly’, but don’t go too bold: its proximity with the index fingers makes this one a delicate spot. This is probably why this position is more uncommon than you think.


The Index Finger


Traditionally, this one is the very first choice for meaningful rings. The index finger has always been the place of class and membership rings, and these, on their part, have always been big and noticeable, denoting power and belonging.

The Thumb


The thumb, like the middle finger, might look more manly. However, since it will be naturally bigger than the other rings, keep it simple in order to avoid a hand-overload!

Whether you choose left or right hand, you won’t risk sending out the wrong message. Choose the hand that makes you feel more comfortable and wear as many rings as you like, within the rules of good taste. Just remember: too many big rings will make you look like one of those old-fashioned cartoon villains.

pictures courtesy of RealMenRealStyle.com