Retro Classics – Comeback Of The Oldskool Sneakers

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Retro Classics

It came like a chain reaction: Not only Adidas relaunched one of it’s classic models, the Gazelles, also Puma and Nike brought back their most iconic sneakers from the past. Nike is all about its’ Classic Cortez, while Puma even celebrates the comeback of two further favorites: the Suede and the Speed Cat

With all this sports brands, redoing their old bestseller sneakers from further times (the 80s and 90s), it is legit to talk about a trend  that is about to come up…

Retro Classics

Along with the huge comeback of 90s fashion, which is very street style-oriented, the Retro Classic trend connects the best of both worlds: it is highly fashionable, with celebrities as Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Kate Moss (to name just a few) wearing and promoting it, while these Oldskool sneakers are super convenient as everyday-shoes. 

Also, they perfectly fit the Skate, Hip Hop and Grunge Trends that Designers were showing in their fall/winter collections. And: All the models are unisex!

So, we don’t see any reason for not going back in time and returning this classics that we actually never really forgot! See below how Rihanna & Co. wore their favorite sneakers and shop yours right away. 

 Get Your Retro Classics!


Rihanna wearing the Suede model from her huge Puma collection

1711125705_1 (1)

PUMA Suede

2711125578_1 (1)

PUMA Suede Classic


PUMA Speed Cat


PUMA Speed Cat


Kate Moss with her Adidas Gazelles then and now


ADIDAS Gazelle


ADIDAS Gazelle


ADIDAS Gazelle


Not only Forrest Gump wore them: The Nike Classic Cortez appeared also in Seinfeld


NIKE Classic Cortez


NIKE Classic Cortez

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