Rendezvous And Red Roses In A Viennese Cafe

Posted by February 15, 2017 - Austria, How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes

The last few months have been dull, mundane, and tedious. Blame it on the cold weather coupled with the luck of traveling. But hey, don’t let anything beat you down, I keep saying to myself. On the contrary, look at those black pumps from the Humanic online store! How can they cheer you up at the click of a finger? Aren’t they pure love? Aren’t they an addiction? Don’t you want to wear them everyday? Don’t you just love the buckle on the top of them? And do you know that they also come in beige? I am taking them with me to my next trip to Italy, where I’ll spend one week photographing different parts of the South. I just hope at least the trip will really take place, because we are just a few days before the departure and it is still not confirmed. I will wear the pumps tomorrow on the interview that I will give to the Austrian channel ORF. And…I wore them last Sunday on a romantic rendezvous in a Viennese cafe…can’t say more…can’t say more!

How do you actually achieve the ladylike look that you see on those pictures? Choose the little black dress and pay close attention to your accessories. Pair the black dress with fancy socks. I am sure you have at least one pair of fancy socks. Put on a brooch. Purchase the brooch or borrow it from your grandmother. Put on a fitted belt that hits you right on the waist. Seek into your closet for other accessories and bring them into life again. Add a scarf! Wear the dress but don’t let the dress wear you. Keep your hair loose and wild. All the rest will come and unfold.  








By Viennese Girl