The Rebel Fashion Designers Who Changed Everything

Posted by November 7, 2014 - Fashion
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Like in the arts (and isn’t fashion art, anyway?), the designers to be remembered are the ones that draw outside the lines, the ones who think outside the box. By definition, fashion tends to try and be innovative, but the names that are remembered for generations are the ones of fashion designers who really bring a revolution in the industry.

The future of fashion is in the hands of new talents, but the first innovators can never be forgotten. Here are the names of those who took a leap of courage and decided to be the rebels.

Coco Chanel


Definable as fashion itself, Coco Chanel revolutionized the idea of class and invented the little black dress we all have in our wardrobes.

Christian Dior


Christian Dior made history revolutionizing the designs which were typical after World War II, preferring voluptuous shape to flat ones (due to lack of fabric).

Cristobal Balenciaga


Legendary couturier, Balenciaga is still an inspiration for many, especially due to his signature shapes: broad shoulders and no waist.

Yves Saint Laurent


Successor of Christian Dior at just 21, Saint Laurent is renowned due to the creativity which characterized its designs.

Oscar De La Renta


Trained by Balenciaga, Oscar De La Renta’s designs are the dream of every bride to be.

Manolo Blahnik


Whoever has ever watched Sex and The City knows what I am talking about. Blahnik’s creations are everything any shoes-lover wants.

Gianni Versace


Rococo is the word with Gianni Versace. Its rebel spirit has touched the feelings (and wardrobes) of more than one generation.

Alexander McQueen


The rebel par excellence, Alexander McQueen made history with its designs over the top and always featuring some punk allure.

By Notorious Mag

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