Real treasures from the 90s

Posted by January 13, 2015 - LIFESTYLE

The 90’s were pretty exciting for me. First of all I left Russia for the  very first time and moved to a new city together with my parents. While for the grown ups it was all about exploring the city and its culture, for me it was more about exploring the toys in my new hometown! You won’t believe it, but back in the 90’s toys in Russia were pretty different from Western toys. So I spent a lot of time discovering these treasures and falling in love with Tamagotchi, Furby, Game Boy and Barbie.


In 2015 I am basically reliving my childhood: Whenever I enter a toy store with my younger sisters, all I see are my plastic friends from the 90’s! I am actually pretty sad that I didn’t keep any original versions from back then. Not only for memories but also for their value. Did you know that some of them are worth quite some pennies nowadays? Check out for yourself! This article shows you what your original childhood toy’s are worth in 2015.

Illustration by Sabinna Rachimova

By Broken Cookies