Ready For The Mountains

Posted by January 18, 2017 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE

In this blog post, I wanted to share with you a more “countryside” look. 

Although the photos in this blog post were taken in Vienna, and not on snow-clad mountains, my motivation for putting together a poncho and rubber boots from Humanic was, “what to wear for the next long weekend on the mountains?”.  Here in Austria people love to ski in the mountains and it’s after Christmas when the ski season begins. The ski resorts are getting more and more popular and are quickly being booked. They say you can find the best snow in February.

This rubber boots from Humanic will be your best friends in your next getaway to the mountains. They are made especially to keep your feet warm and protect them from getting wet. You will be able to jump carefree into the snow and play as much as you want. Feel free to walk around without fears or concerns. If they get dirty, clean them with a piece of an old towel and they will look like brand new. The poncho is a very good idea because you can easily take it off once you enter a chalet and stay with a light t-shirt. Add a fedora hat to make the ensemble look even more stylish. So my ladies, before you head to the ski slopes in search for fun, dive into the Humanic online store to get yourself a pair of the waterproof shoes that match with the wooded surroundings. They will help you to create memories for life. 

As for me, you know already, I am more of an ocean girl who is still dreaming of the Maldives. But I am open to the idea of trying out a different kind of experience. Oh dear mountains, here I come! 


By The Viennese Girl