Rain Jackets, Base Caps And Adidas!

Posted by June 20, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE
Rain & Adidas

I don’t want to complain too often, but I just have to when it comes to this year’s summer. My birthday is in July, I’m a leo, and I truly love the warmth and the sun – I need it! I was so, SO looking forward to those mild summer nights where you can sit outside until after midnight and don’t even need a jacket. We have a huge terrace, perfect for inviting people over for a barbecue, but we only got to do so once so far. Almost every day, it starts raining at some point, and I’m really starting to get frustrated. The Mister even considered emigration the other day, not being totally serious, but also not entirely joking. I know this is such a first world problem, but the chilly and grey weather is starting to wear me out more and more. In two weeks, I’ll be spending the weekend in Piran and am keeping my fingers crossed that until then, this nasty cold front will have moved on, leaving us with nothing but sunshine and blue skies.

Also, what should one wear when it starts raining all day everyday? Well, I’ve decided to go for a sportive look that’s just perfect for taking the dog out when it’s drizzling (I love that word, btw). Lucky me, Pixie is not a fan of heavy rainshowers either, so she prefers to stay inside when it’s pouring. For a little drizzle, I don’t need wellies and my Adidas Superstar will do the job. Because carrying an umbrella when walking your 8 month old, not yet perfectly trained dog is perhaps impractical, I prefer wearing a hooded rain jacket. Mine is from Nike, but there are lots of options. I definitely will get myself a Stutterheim raincoat for fall because my Nike jacket is rather thin and short. I love the retro look of it, though. And, since I’m in my nineties phase anyways, I also like wearing baseball caps when it’s raining. Add some lipstick and a nice leather bag, and the dog walker-outfit is perfectly appropriate for having a coffee after spending some time in the rain. Oh summer, where are thou? 


By We Are Stardust