Quick Fixes For The Most Common Style Problems

Posted by January 27, 2016 - Fashion

Any hectic morning you are bound to run into some kind of beauty emergency. Monday mornings are the worst for us, they seem to be the day we encounter the most style problems. We’re tired, running late and don’t have much time to get ready usually. So, if you are anything like us, we would like to give some of our style wisdom to you and let you know the easiest ways to take care of the most common style problems.

Pants Are Too Long


Try giving your pants a chic cuff before you decide to go to the tailors to get rid of the extra fabric forever. What also helps when cuffing your pants is double sided tape! who would have known.

Shoes Are A Bit Too Tight


If you are nearly as shoe obsessed as us, try wearing a pair of socks while you get ready to break them in a bit. Right before you walk out of the door blast them with heat so they have a little more room for your feet to breath… if that still doesn’t help, watch THIS.

Wrinkly Top With No Time To Iron


 Incorporate the wrinkles into part of the look! You can also use a hair straightener to spot treat those lines in an emergency. Or if you still cannot bear that thought Рtry hanging it up in the bathroom while you shower.

Photos via whowhatwear.com