Your Easy 5 Steps Detox Plan For An After-Holiday Cleanse

Posted by January 3, 2017 - Survival Kit, Things We L@VE

You cannot call yourself human if you haven’t eaten like there was no New Year these past days. Over eating is also part of the holidays and God, it feels good. However, there are also ways of hitting the rewind button and giving your body a good New Year’s boost of healthiness. In order to do so you must only be ready to get into a healthy and fit addict role for the next few days. We believe one week would be just fine to reboot your body and treat yourself to a sweet and perfect new beginning of this wonderful year that is yet to come. So here are some small tips to help your body detox from all the food you have had in this last week.



Water, water and more water. Water helps your immune system cleanse and release all the nasty stuff it does not need. This point though, is not only applicable for an after Christmas detox plan, it is also very important to drink water regularly on an daily basis. The more water the better. Drink up y’all!   



No, we do not want you to climb Mount Everest, all we want you to do is walk around your neighbourhood with your dog (or iPod), for at least 40 minutes a day. Walking is a great exercise and perfect to complement our perfect and easy detox plan. This should not be that hard and you will feel great after it. Make sure you are wearing comfy sneakers (These awesome Nike sneakers or these other pair of Adidas would be just perfect) and you are ready to walk!



As weird as it may sound (if you are one of those who has not tried it out yet), you should totally consider doing some Yoga this week. Not much is needed, but it will sure help you stretch your body and direct your muscles and organs in the right direction in order to achieve a successful after holidays detox plan. Yoga is said to be very helpful and supporting for the digestion and therefore for an inner cleanse of the body. You will not regret this one!



Try going sugar-free for the next few days. Unfortunately, sugar is not the best of things we can feed our body with. Sugar may make us tired, so it would be a perfect idea quitting the sweetness of life for just this one week. It will give you more energy to walk the 40 minutes that you will need to complete your reboot strategy.



Last but not least, this one is by far our favorite. Go technolog-ess. Give it a try and try disconnecting from technology for some days. You can always go back to a good book you never finished because Facebook took over that time or just cook or watch the people walk by sitting at your local café. If you have not yet done this one, you do not know what you are missing. This will help you clearing also your mind and let you focus on your detox. 

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