What To Put Into Your Beach Bag

Posted by July 18, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Survival Kit, Trends

While you are all probably relaxing in the beach under the beautiful sunshine somewhere in the Italian coast, we thought we would quickly go through your beach bag to make sure you are packing it perfectly and not forgetting any essentials.

A womans beach bag should be very carefully planned as there are several things that should not be forgotten but at the same time, we do not want it to be filled with unnecessary things, so here is a list of your beach bag essentials.


Sun Protection

It is EXTREMELY important to be protected against the sun. There is an infinite number of products to choose from. It is also important to have in mind that it is not only your skin that you should be protecting, your hair, lips and nails for example, can also get damaged. Here are some beauty essentials that will help you survive through the summer. In terms of protection, always remember the more the better and that laying on the sun between 12 and 16 (According to my dermatologist) should be banned (Yes! That is exactly what she told me), but a SPF 30 should be enough for a European summer.

I need this!


La Biosthetique Spray Invisible SPF 30


Beach Shoes

We know that you are too relaxed to be thinking of your shoes when at the beach, but there are some beach wear options that are very comfy and will look great with your beach look. A pair of Birkenstock should definitely be in your beach essentials. Birkenstock are delicately made to achieve commodity and comfort. Their designs have also become better and better with time, now being able to offer more designs and colours. In our opinion Birkenstock are not only a Beach Bag essential but a Summer essential! 

I need these!


Birkenstock Arizona



As we said before it is extremely important to be covered and properly protected against the summer sun, especially during the strong hours of heat. We tend to forget about our head after using the sunscreen, but it is probably as important to cover your head and the best of all is that…IT LOOKS GREAT!

We just love summer hats, you get them in any forms, types and shapes. Through a hat you can achieve a very specific style, like for example a chic Pamela hat, a sporty Baseball Cap or a classic Panama hat.

I want this!


Lazzarini Straw Summer Hat



Here is one of the most important bits of your summer and beach essentials. We believe that you are ready for the summer only once you have chosen your two main swimming suits for the summer. One pieces are trending every time more and they look SO GOOD on. So make sure you have at least two swimming suits in your beach bag and what better choice than a beautiful Margaret and Hermione one piece. They are a fun and classy Viennese swimwear brand who specialise in fun patterns based on hand-drawn illustrations by themselves.  

I love this!

Margaret and Hermione Swimming-suit


Other Essentials

A towel – The bigger the better!

An awesome Magazine (Notorious Magazine of course!) or a good book to read.

Hair ties or Hair Clips – These are life saving when wind decides to ruin your perfect, sunny beach day.

Water Bottle – An absolute Must-have in a beach bag. Stay hydrated!

Sun Glasses – Be as creative as you want, but take them with you! 


Pictures via Pinterest