How To Properly Style Metallics Into Your Outfit

Posted by November 21, 2016 - Design, Fashion, How to walk in these trends, Trends

Metallic, what a scary trend to jump into right? Well let us show you how wrong you are. Metallics are nothing but one of the best trends to upgrade your everyday outfits. It might be true that it should be worn with care and styled with love, but let us tell you, if you combine it properly, it’s a winner. Metallics tend to be a scary trend because they can be very flashy, but the trick is to find the right proportion of metal texture or material for each of your outfits. For instance, we would not suggest combining a metallic jacket with a shiny bottom piece, since it will make the look extremely shocking and you will probably feel like a walking traffic sign. Instead try combining the same jacket with a pair of plain black jeans and some classy shoes. Winner!

Another issue that comes with the metallic trend is the fact that it can easily be linked to the ugly 00´s trends (and we totally get why. The 00´s clearly did some damage as you see), so the challenge is even bigger when heading down the Metallic road in fashion. However, on the bright side, some awesome shining items have now been designed by some wonderful designers with very good taste, who are trying to repair the damage people like Paris Hilton caused by wearing those flashy hip high belts, that we now all remember as a bad moment of fashion.

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How to style it properly:

Since we are determined to drag you into the crazy metallic trend this winter, we have collected some of the best metallic pieces out there at the moment.

1. Always remember to style it with a completely different colour, the darker the better, since white would for example not allow your metallic piece to stand out enough.

2. When combining it with common denim jeans, make sure you go for accessories like necklaces or small items, otherwise a bigger metallic piece would get lost and not stand out.

3. Do not be scared to add metallic to your outfits, even a tiny detail will make a huge difference.

4. Our favourite metallic pieces are shoes. They are just perfect for a Monday to Friday casual and urban look.


New Balance 580 / Alisha Blue Metal Booties


Gamloong Metallic Sneaker / Converse CTA Metallics


Lazzarini Clutch / Converse Silver Bag



Lazzarini Silver Gloves / Vanzetti Metallic Belt


Images via Pinterest