Proper Copper Interior

Posted by December 23, 2014 - Design, LIFESTYLE

Some time ago, the copper hype hit the fashion world and nobody could really resist the shiny material. But why only wearing copper accessory and jewellery, when we’re also able to stake our apartments to a bit more of the current copper charme? You can easily add an eye-catching copper element to your room without spending a fortune and nonetheless create an unique atmosphere with such a simple element. Home’s not only the place where wifi connects immediately, but the one you put in so much of your own personality. So why shouldn’t pay some attention to our beloved home to celebrate all of the upcoming christmas rituals with a festive sparkle.

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A little inside tip: If you still need some presents or just want to spread the copper fever, you should definitely check out the scandinavian design brand „house doctor“ for some unique home accessory.


By Phosphenes

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