What Does Your Profile Picture Say About You?

Posted by February 2, 2015 - Pop Culture

We all use social media, and how we choose to represent ourselves can be funny. It has been proven that guys who take more selfies tend to lean towards psychopathic tendencies, but women are still safe! (For now…) Women for the moment are still a bit more ambiguous and need more interpretation… but we are all guilty of trying to seem a bit cooler than we actually are. It can be nice to laugh at ourselves about it sometimes. How may of these are you guilty of?

The Group Picthe-group-pic-636x313

Okay, so you’ve posted a group picture… but which one are you exactly? This is particularly frustrating if your have ever been on tinder and all the photos on someone’s profile is in a group.

That Couplethat-couple-636x315

You have a boyfriend. That’s Great. Your relationship must be going so well for it to be Facebook official.

That’s Not Youthats-not-you-lol-636x315

We’ve all found that one hilarious picture we want everybody to see, and what better way then with your profile picture?

The Loner Laugherthe-loner-laugher-636x317

Something spontaneously made you laugh off camera… of course ;)

The Street Style Chic the-street-style-pic-636x309

Oh, have the paparazzo snapped another picture again? Or do you just want to show your friends how chic you are? Naturally, this look never includes a smile.

The “Candid”The-candid-636x318

Lets be honest, how many photos are actually candid. It’s the tagged photo vs. profile picture dilemma. Most photos that you are not ready for turn out looking like a deer in the headlights.

Photos via The Man Repeller 

By Notorious Mag